Does not Adult.

Dishes clean and carpets hoovered, groceries stocked and traffic maneuvered. Meals planned and bills paid, tables dusted and beds made. Clothes pressed and chins shaved, shirts tucked and chinos pleated. Smiles exchanged and potlucks attended, fences repaired and hinges mended. Expressions clear and words concise, morning runs and disciplined exercise. Work delivered and targets achieved,… Continue reading Does not Adult.


Gentlemen, this is going nowhere.

I can't seem to get the beginning right, the rest however promises to not be too difficult. Once the blood is pumping and all that. I can of course crop away the few early lines of dribble and show to the world only those which come out as presentable. Who would know eh? That's what all… Continue reading Gentlemen, this is going nowhere.

Ours but to reason why

When God first farted, and the world had started, life had begun to crop. Humanity came around, into societies it bound, and civilization had just set up shop. The strong would lead the others, their less muscular brothers, into battle and onto hunts. These leaders were fighters, and kicker and biters, and more often than… Continue reading Ours but to reason why

How’s it Going?

Questions deep and superficial, have become a daily ritual. "How's life?" They  ask casually, "Good!" I answer automatically. With no thought or inhibition, nor an extended explanation. "How's it going", "How have you been", When "Hello" is all they mean. Harmless overall these queries, can sometimes rake up miseries. Unexpressed these must remain, for long… Continue reading How’s it Going?

Just not hipster enough

The longer is the gap between my posts the longer it takes me to type out the first sentence. Writing seems like a gym routine I used to have many years ago, the rekindling of which causes pains and aches in places I had forgotten were a part of me. But with enough drivel and… Continue reading Just not hipster enough

Why we read

Most contemplative writing is an attempt at self exploration. It might not be posed as such or many a times even intended as such but that is pretty much the truth of it. As anyone who has ever attempted to write fiction will know, the fantastical lives that weave are just manifestations of our own… Continue reading Why we read

Prognosis: Verbal Diarrhea

Blogging voids, heard of them? Vast empty spaces in between the city blocks of a bustling metropolis. Periods of carnal draught in the life of an ageing playboy. Random acts of financial ruin on Wall street in what would seem like a good run. That's enough of metaphors, you get the picture. Lately my mind… Continue reading Prognosis: Verbal Diarrhea