In the name of the father and the holy ghost

I go ahead and write this nonsensical post.

I know not how many of you are aware,

Of the different forms of poetry that are there,

But one of them is the best of all literary gimmicks

That being completely pointless limericks.

I hoped to write a poem with as little meaning as possible,

But then when your mind is not as empty as you thought, doing so would be horrible.

There was a boy called Dufus Dork

Who dwelled in the suburbs of New York.


A boy like him is always found,

In every class and play ground.


Of all the children who is slowest,

Everyone’s opinion about whom is the lowest.


He couldn’t throw straight or take a catch,

He was useless in every game or match.


All of his age who knew him by name or face,

Thought that he was a complete disgrace.


At hide and seek he was equally bad,

He never managed to spot a single lad.


With girls too he was no success,

For his hair and face were a perpetual mess.


Protruding teeth in braces and spectacles to match,

Looking at him you’d think another ugly duckling had hatched.


A face only a mother can love said those thought to be wise,

Never was anyone to him kind, helping or nice.


His mother would wipe his tears often and then say,

“My son it is right of you to so dismay,

Not because you are what you are today

but because you were born in times so gray.

Where character has little role to play,

And to your lovely smile no attention people pay,


It is your right to cry child for I am at blame,

For I prayed to the lord not to give you fame,

But the opportunity to be famous.

I did not beg for a good life for you but for you to be able to make a good one for your self

I asked not for strength but chances for you to be strong.

Tell me my child did I do wrong?”


To which Dufus with eyes red replied,

“Of all the children over years who must have cried,

To them all their mothers must have lied,


But you tell me something which sounds out of a fable,

But worry not if as you say mother, I am capable.


I shall overlook taunts to change my life,

Now on will become opportunity what was strife”.



So Dufus learnt to smile and wade through times dark,

He managed to put up with every demeaning bark.


What good it did him I know not,

But here is something to give some thought,


Are you a Dufus or someone who has ill treated one till now?

And being which of the two do you think is better and how?


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