New Year

( The scene is a lush green hillock in a city park, on a solitary worn out bench on which sit two people. The 1st is a girl who can properly be described as vivacious, she bears the look of an extremely satisfied with life, individual. In fact she is so satisfied with her own that she doesn’t mind telling others how to lead theirs. Her companion is a male of her age if not of her disposition. He is well built although agility doesn’t appear to be one of his qualities. The expression on his face shows that he wouldn’t mind being alone on this lovely evening. If it were not for her arm on his shoulder it would be difficult to tell they are in love.)

She: (snuggling up to him) ” It is soooo cold, (pause)yesterday I met Sheila my friend from high school, going out with a new guy she is. Not one fling in school and now she’s going through men like you through a Ludlum novel”.
He:” Not a hint of Jealousy is there?”
She:” Jealous! No chance life’s good, got a new year ahead of us and what with that job offer at Bangalore things are perfectly rosy.”
He:” Yes they would seem so.”
She:” Thought of any new year resolutions yet? There has to be at least one about your waistline..(smirks)”
He:”Thank you for the reminder but I have other things to busy myself with. Why make a resolution when its sole purpose is to adorn a single page of a diary which shall be ignored all through out the year.”
She:” It doesn’t have to be, but anywho don’t do nothing if you don’t want to. I myself intend to make most of this year by not skipping any classes and churning out articles by the dozen.”
He:” Such optimism , only seen in a student of the arts.”
She:” And such negativity only in a Engineered buffoon. By the way we are going to tonight’s party aren’t we?”
He:” Rajesh’s ? No bloody way, the man’s a brain leech he just can’t stop smothering anyone with his unintelligent conversation whenever there is a girl in the vicinity. Knowing him, there are going to be scores there tonight. How does a man reach such levels of desperation…. “
She: (cutting in)” You’ll never know cause you have me! It’ll be fun, I want to go.”
He:”It’l be a collection of aimless fools trying to kill time and then failing miserably at it. You don’t want to go .(finality in the last word)”
She:” Well you can try to be a little stupid at times and engage in lowly dialog , he is your friend after all.”
He:” (exasperated) Last time he ogled at a female for 3 hours in his own party and had not the nerve to go and talk to her directly, finally in a state of paramount frustration I went to the girl and asked her to talk to him for his courage to do so had left without notice. “
She breaks out laughing..
He: ” No more of dumb talks like those for me thank you.”
She:” Your pessimism my darling I hope isn’t hereditary, the glass is always half empty isn’t it? We are going and we will leave if anyone tries to make a snack out of your cerebellum, ok?”
He:”All right, but I am not changing, (tone softens, he kisses her on the head)Let’s go”.
(He helps her from the bench onto her wheel chair, cover her knees with a shawl letting it drop down to hide missing limbs and wheels her slowly down the slope, the sun sets behind the city scape)
“A new year is like formatting a Computer, you get to choose a new Operating System.”

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