Now You See Me (2013)

Mark Zuckerberg, his friend from ZombieLand, a girl who you can’t quite place,  a kid who looks like Spidey’s best friend, God, Batman’s butler and the Hulk all come together in the hopes to stupendify . The man who brings them together is Louis Leterrier the man who gave us the Transporter movies, the Incredible Hulk and also the Clash of he Titans. Not that these movies are worthy of note but the help set the mood for things to come don’t they?

Four magicians of repute ranging from historical to local to reasonable to non existent are brought together by a guy in a faded sweatshirt to do great stuff. Jesse Eisenberg is a guy who uses card tricks to flick open bras while staying true to his character from Social Network. There is the man with a freaky smile : Woody Harrelson who is a mentalist moonlighting as a hypnotist at cafes to fill his own cup. The apprentice turned into main act Isla Fisher is a Houdini in tights followed by Dave Franco who makes for a street Hustler looking more One Direction than conman/magician. All of these rise from their respective lives onto the stage of Las Vegas due to the kindness of our hooded friend. Its there under the watchful eyes of the Magician turned wand snapping, top hat ripping trick buster Morgan Freeman that the 4 rob their 1st bank. Follow the FBI with Mark Ruffalo as the man on the case. Melanie Laurent is the french Interpol agent who is the yin to Ruffalo’s yan. There is also Michael Caine, the rich Britisher who is the promoter of the “Four Horsemen” as they call themselves.

The movie spins around the quad squad leading a fumbling FBI detective on a wild goose chase while his french companion tries to placate him and Morgan Freeman tries to humor him. The start is good, even great at times with the introduction of each character bringing personality to the film. Then begins the mayhem and there is no connect with any of the four or the poor FBI agent. I didn’t find myself rooting for anyone cause I felt I knew none of them. Michael Caine and Freeman seemed a little wasted on the film for their parts rarely had opportunities to let their palms out of their pockets. But again the film has its moments. The director’s previous work shines through the car chases, aerial shots and fight sequences but the arsenal of actors seemed a little under-spent. For a heist movie one seeks explanations and  theories and you rejoice if you are proven right or are awed when wrong. Here the risk runs low as what you can’t explain, isn’t explained at all. Watch this on a big screen, with good surround sound on a Friday night. This is no Prestige nor is it an Italian Job, it is a decently entertaining movie which if had ended better so would have this review.

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2 thoughts on “Now You See Me (2013)

  1. Not everybody in this cast gets a chance to shine and show what they do best, but at least they try with material like this. Great review.


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