Igor Presnyakov

IggyAn acoustic guitar has something about it, a soulfulness and an ability to deliver goose pimples like no other instrument can. It is perhaps no wonder why I find myself looking for guitar covers of famous songs on YouTube. It was in this search that I stumbled upon Igor Presnyakov. The first video I saw of his was the Pirate of Caribbean theme. If your bandwidth makes YouTube possible you would have come across many versions of this tune on many instruments. So when I saw a short stout pinkish middle aged man I wasn’t exactly expecting anything great. The long hair and the Pirate hat weren’t helping either but the number of views caught my attention. What is one more fool in a million? I indulged and I am glad I did.

While the music at 1st wasn’t all that exceptional, the Russian named chap had surprised me by the end, so I browsed his channel and subscribed. While Igor or Iggy as he likes to be called does mostly only instrumental interpretations of songs he also some times pitches in vocally. His voice isn’t exceptional but blends great with his guitar playing.

He plays movie themes, Lady Gaga, Eric Clapton, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, AC DC and even PSY. The variety from this YouTube sensation is astounding and stands to show that a stay at home talent can also go a long way. His music is especially good for budding guitarists as you can see his fingers weave magic on the nylon strings very clearly. Check out his work on YouTube or visit his website. Here is hoping that the Russian born string strummer stuns us more often.


2 thoughts on “Igor Presnyakov

  1. seen him before. super talented aye.


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