Mind Boggles

I Boggle

The mind boggles without reason, it boggles every season,

on a Friday or a Monday and even on a Sunday!

While eating or tweeting or napping or fapping,

while typing or griping or finger swiping

the mind it so fastidiously boggles.

I boggle because you move so slow

because you take so many years to grow

to learn to yearn and to discern,

your purpose in life and mine in turn.

You lay about and scream and shout ,

waiting for your luck to sprout.

Get up and move and don’t just ogle

then my lowly abode, I shall stop to boggle.

You sir are a cad, none of this shall be had,

you say I am slow and so it shows,

but don’t you decide how fast I go?

Why I exist? I don’t know you insist,

but to tell me that , its your job you twat!

I may be stuck but not for luck

waiting I am for you to tell

what I should do and on what to dwell.

I am only the software, the machinery is all yours,

without me remember you’d be crawling on all fours.

This conversation is my creation,

you merely a puppet,

a pull of a string a flick of a nerve is all you take,

so you better stuff it.

You are a resource which I need to use,

while me you try to constantly abuse.

I think my mind the problem’s not us,

you and me are stand up guys

friends from birth till one of us dies.

it may be absurd but I think its the world,

which wants us not to progress

else why would two excellent folks like ourselves digress?

You are not bright but you sound right,

what you say seems to linger,

its time to show the world a finger.

You and me are perfect we are,

its the world that’s pullin us down.

It is now time to shift gears and for our fate to toggle,

How to do that? I’ll need time, let me sit and boggle.


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