The Price of Dreams

What is the price of your dreams? We all have dreams, not products of our sleep but actual dreams which we see with eyes wide open. The yearning to be somebody, the desire to be somewhere or the wish to do something. These acts which would make us happy and give satisfaction of a longer lasting and deeply fulfilling brand.  To be a singer or to bake cakes or build a house on a hill. I have dreams, so do you and we all have put a price on our dream down to the last digit.

Do you have a hobby? A thing that you love doing but don’t do for a living. It might not be just one thing but many. I am sure that this thing, this activity features prominently in your dream. This is a thing which requires no external inspiration, you do it because you like it. Yet you don’t do it full time, you don’t do it for a living. Perhaps it as per you is incapable of putting bread on the table or butter on the bread. Imagine you play the synthesizer well, not just good enough for family gatherings and amusing friends but really well. You did shows as a kid and played on your college stage as often as possible. You graduated, got a job like most of your peers and now work for an IT firm. You code 5 days a week or fill Excel sheets. Its a decent enough job and pays well. You make up with your synthesizer on weekends and attend amateur societies, play at office parties and hope to pass on your talent to the fruits of your loins some day. Your personal assessment of your dream has caused it to jump to the back burner. Understand the monetary value that you have accepted to forgo a life long ambition to play professionally is the salary which is credited to your account every month.

Are our dreams so cheap? Can our commitments and aspirations be so wantonly purchased for a few thousand more every month? Yes, of course! For the price of our dreams is not the money which we get paid for our mundane jobs but what one can buy with that money. The assurance of a certain lifestyle for one self and one’s family, a social status equivalent to one’s job and the other small pleasures of life. While the shame of giving up on one’s more creative side to comply with a more materialistic world view is a sad prospect there is truth in it. Our lives are not products of choices alone and that too not just our choices. Probability, chance have a big say in what determine our years of existence. Your family, your culture and your entire upbringing hangs on the very thin thread of the first smiles that passed between your parents. That very opportune placement of consequences that led to the meeting of your birth givers. How does this affect your dreams? Well probability has a big role to play in your first job, your education and your outlook of life. It is also what must have affected your dream.

There was a time when professions were hereditary, the son of a farmer toiled on a farm for just to hand over his work to his offspring. Those days are far behind now and yet there is connection between the profession of parents and their children. Sons and daughters of doctors, engineers and lawyers may not grow to fill the shoes of their parents completely but they do choose a life of a familiar security and professionalism. In an atmosphere thick with only corporate if any ambition children find it hard to embrace creativity. Accepting your family may be of any route you choose but perhaps your choice is driven by your childhood definitions of success and comfort and happiness. Which works too, is it to say only to the daring shall daring children be born? Well what can’t be inherited has to be taught, what can’t be preached has to be experienced, what can’t be experienced has to be observed, what can’t be observed well it’ll most likely be ignored. Dreams are what we wish for and continue to wish for, if they are achieved are they dreams any longer?ga870909


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