All you need is Love

I originally posted this at . Revisiting old ramblings.

Since the day one is born on this inhuman earth,

One realizes something lacking, a certain dearth,

Of a presence to make one feel wanted every day,

And to care for one in a gentle, loving way.

A mother’s love is in her cuddling you as an infant,

Not leaving you unattended for an instant,

Feeding, bathing and tending you with hands tender,

Amidst trying times only trying to love render.

Without milk and food or warmth of a fancy crib,

A baby may just survive but he won’t learn to live,

Till he knows that someone truly cares,

That whether he is or is not there.

All you need is love

To survive as a child in these times wild.

In your youth you look for love in every nook and corner,

From someone’s son or blessed daughter.

From infatuations to flirtations of all kinds,

You experience a harmony or clash of hearts or minds.

The cuddling, kissing snogging may seem artificial,

But to meet the appetite of love all these are essential.

However corny your actions may be but fortunate are you,

For to all those who care for you is added a name new.

All you need is love

To give you passion as hot as a stove. (:P)

You have lost your hair and your looks,

You have a separate entry in telephone books,

You are married for a few years,

You have had your share of laughs and tears.

There may not be courting and romancing with your spouse,

You may occasionally be called a louse

But your every wound hurts equally the other,

Someone undisputedly shares your every bother.

Your children look at you with gentle eyes,

And think you are high enough to touch the skies.

All you need is love

To give you in tough times a shove.

You are now old and horribly alone,

You have less friends and more kidney stones,

Your bones are weak and fragile,

Although you know better people think you are senile.

Your partner for life is no more,

Your children keep you behind a closed door.

Only their kids give your life light,

Before they too like their parents take flight.

Now you yearn for something you have always had,

Something as a son, lover, husband, father and granddad.

Now all you need is love

To help you embrace life, end of.


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