Being Jealous


I feel so jealous, of people over zealous,
sharing photos from their many exciting travels,
I look at their Facebook Profiles and cover pictures
and don’t like how my news feed unravels.

I see my friends and acquaintances,
covering life in long well chosen paces,
studying abroad and taking post graduation,
while I sit in my juices brewing to stagnation.

I see the life of analysts and bankers,
made out of those people from years gone by who were mostly wankers,
I see large pay packages and inordinate compensations
and my squalid life begins to get heart palpitations.

I see people that I know and used to admire,
get ahead and climb life’s spire,
and find that the higher they go, the dizzier I feel,
it gets harder to swallow every meal.

smoking gangster holding dollar bills

I feel jealous of the ones who are not single,
who got of their butts and decided to mingle,
and have companionship and someone to adore,
to go beyond oneself and make another’s life mean more.

couple on the grass, kiss, balloons 162231

I see people leave desk jobs and trot the planet,
I see them snap, I see them share, I see them post and I say Dammit!
Traveling and eating and photographing,
and in the process my mind chafing.

I also feel jealous of those who revel in what they do,
who go to work everyday with something to look forward to,
who enjoy their job as if it was something they always wanted,
and not a product of mistakes which for years have life haunted.

While I am so busy getting green with envy,
I find myself to some strange thoughts privy,
These feelings of disdain of others progress,
must surely the minds of others press.

Every man woman and child must find unnerving,
the life of someone else and consider themselves more deserving,
of the joys and pleasures which seem to flood,
every day of someone for whom be happy they should.

Its the nature of life that fate is always meaner,
to self than to others, for the grass on the other side is always greener,
you may yearn for another’s existence and way of living,
that another himself might find his life full of misgivings.

It’s perhaps not healthy focus on what you’d rather have or do,
but to appreciate what others would give to be you,
in a world with a billion poor you surely must be among the few fortunate,
revel in the joy that more people want your lifestyle than those whose you covet.

You have a steady job and roof over your head,
you have the choicest of meats and veggies and a loaf of bread,
time and inclination to write something like this post,
perhaps you actually have more than most.

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1 thought on “Being Jealous

  1. Beautiful. The grass on the other side always looks greener to these green eyes!


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