Frozen (2013)

You are in the movie theater, around you there are more adults than you expected. There are a lot of super excited young girls and very young boys but they are equaled in number by enthusiastic women in their 30’s and 40’s. Despite the Imdb 8 you start forming ideas about the movie before it starts.


The feature begins with a them which reminds you of ‘ The circle of Life’ from The Lion King. This music is going to keep popping up in the very Icelandic/Russian themed movie. The story revolves around Elsa and Anna two princesses, daughters of the King of Arendelle. Elsa the elder one is born with the powers of conjuring Ice out of nothing. A few wrongly aimed icicles lead to the sisters isolation as like everything magical in a fantasy based animation flick must remain hidden. The girls grow up into the princess mold which Disney is so proud of.  Come in Elsa with her temperature control issues, a prince so stereotypical that you feel you have seen the same character in all the Disney movies. The usual four legged source of mirth and mischief is not a horse,nor a donkey but aptly a reindeer in this cold part of the world. The source of verbal comedy is a talking snowman. The cute cudlies, trolls. Oh there is one more hero to the movie a man of no means but always meaning well. All these creatures do little to stretch your imagination while weaving the story of a troubled woman with very cold hands.

The good : The animation is brilliant. Snow, the miracles of ice and other spectacles have been created wonderfully. A better way to see the movie would be with a pause button to appreciate the animation truly. The soundtrack is also good, the background music uplifting and mostly suitable to the scenes. The dialogues and song lyrics to are well written and can trigger smiles and giggles if not full blown laughs.

The Bad : Its a frickin musical! Its like the Sound of Music coupled with animated Disney characters demanding of you more estrogen than I can produce and a very diminished mental age. The songs don’t push you like those of the High School Musical but do get annoying when used to express every emotion in the movie. Predictability in a Disney movie is a known issue. Despite what one expects, a general feel good factor is often the by product of such a movie, here its very little. Despite all the effort that went into the production there is so much lacking in the story. Like a good villain.

If you have kids ( < 13 years old ) take them to this, kids have few decent  flicks to go to in a year and this is one of them. If you have a hankering for a fairy tale or non PG romance then go to this movie. If you appreciate the nitty-gritties of computer animation and don’t need for every movie you watch to have a story watch this. Lastly if you like upbeat musicals, then go! Buy your tickets now !


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