The background score to Life

Don’t you feel life at times would be better with a background score? The idea of living in a musical is appalling, ghastly and perhaps one of the creepiest nightmares possible. But an occasional uplifting score in the background would be welcome. When I sit in office listening to something by Hans Zimmer while I see IT professionals floating around their systems and feel the crescendo of a batman score make me and my surroundings feel more exciting than they can ever hope to be. The galloping sounds of hooves from a fantasy movie fill my ears as I periodically if half heartedly throw my body again and again on the treadmill. My mind surges and propels me into an open field along side warriors and orcs and elves while all I try to do is keep my HDL up.

So I put together a playlist  with some of my favorite tracks, mostly from movies. This is a playlist which I wouldn’t mind being the OST of my life or a part of it. Perhaps this a not so veiled aspiration of a life exciting enough to match the tracks. Anywho enjoy these, they are great for working or studying.


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