The Unusuals (2009)

The drab existence of the aThe_Unusuals_TV_Series-242433118-largeverage human being necessitates a sense of adventure, thrill and the usual claptrap  about excitement. Now this sense of mystique and motion need not come from our lives, we’d be content watching it in that of others. What do you think sells so many romance, spy and murder novels? As long as one is sure that at least someone is leading a life where the term risk doesn’t do repeated circular motions around diabetes or heart disease. A Crime TV series is thus always pleasing to watch. A police one, a greater pleasure for what could be more reflective of our society than good guys crusading for the thankless masses at horribly low salaries while displaying a plethora of psychological issues themselves.

The Unusuals centers around a precinct under NYPD whose gruff sergeant ( Who looks like a non friendly,younger Frank Barone ) leads a teams of reasonably famous faces  in their quest against crime. Despite the attempts to make the entire team look believable as dysfunctional cops the overwhelming desire to showcase a suaveness is apparent. Jeremy Renner is partnered with Amber Tambyln , this is before his Avenger and Bourne days so the bulk is not as overwhelming as in current times. Adam Goldberg perhaps fits the Unusuals mold best with a somber eccentricity leaking from beneath a sleepy exterior. Various crimes are showcased and despite the pretty  serious subject matter of death, murder and crime the series is unable to inspire a sense of tension or suspense.

If you are a lover of crime series and cop shows these near a dozen episodes are entirely watchable. But if you are looking for mystery, adventure or possibly a crime rush then sticking to Criminial MindsPoirot or British country mysteries might be more rewarding. A non engaging series on the whole which is too much in love with the concept of the Hollywood cop to be concerned with what passes for reality.


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