Blue Note

The reflection of the world is blues, that’s where that part of the music is at. Then you got this other kind of music that’s tryin’ to come around.
Jimi Hendrix

Life by itself has little meaning, existence by its definition is mundane and dreary. As sorrows and laments latch onto a day they form much stronger memories than happiness ever will. The funny thing is that it was never meant to be so, its us living in a civilized world which constitutes most of our repeating troubles. Can you imagine men detached from civilization having troubles whose nature goes beyond the existential?

That’s what blues do to you I guess, they help you relax but not with happy tones. This genre of music has always been associated with the African-American community. It is said to have originated from work songs and hollers as chants became songs. The etymological origin of the Blues is sometimes attributed to Indigo, as that was the color ( and substance) clothes of mourners were dyed with for a funeral. A general association with melancholy thus stemming from the mention of ‘blue’. What we know as ‘The Blues’ evolved from the early 20th century. I guess depression, alcohol and a change in the Moral Zeitgeist might have had something to do with fanning its popularity. If you go about the business of understanding the blues from a technical point of view you might find a certain kind of use of chords and notes. This article throws some light on the subject, but to the masses this music has been the sound of the Deep South of the USA.

Blue Note Records established in 1939 is a jazz recording company which is perhaps had one of the most pivotal roles in shaping the genre. The company moved from small jazz groups and swing to modern jazz and has a huge list of very talented musicians playing or now even singing the blues. I discovered their music or music which they were part of by chance when I picked up one of my father’s old tapes , now I can’t get enough of this music nearly 70 years old. To know more about this recording label read this and refer this for their complete discography. For now enjoy this playlist I compiled of some of the music from the company or in its vibe.


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