Romani Sermonis

“Greetings oh Sons of Rome! It does my heart great good to see you so assembled with no care for previous misgivings. It is not every day that all the children of Jupiter are able to withstand each other’s company for so long. I bid you to be patient for I have something to say. [ pause ]

There are those among you who have seen me rise from but a common soldier to a place among the most worthy men of this great empire. It was on the fields of outside the city of Messana, that I drew first blood with my sword for this nation. As the warm fluid from my enemy spewed across once lush grass I stood in shock and silence. A lad of fourteen I was, yet to experience full manhood, yet to feel what it would be to be nestled in a bosom, one which had not fed me as a babe. Yet this boy of little experience had taken a life when he had not yet understood from whence it came. The rage of battle was on my brow and the cries of my battalion had led me this far but now I was alone. Countless lives these hands have crushed since then but that first is one which still haunts me. Why had I killed that boy my age, was it cause his skin was darker, his Gods unknown or cause we wanted a whole and could not accept a half? I killed him for if I had not, I would not be here.

A soldier kills for reasons not known to him, he fights for he is so commanded. This state of ours has inspired men to rise from taking commands to giving them. This rise can only happen from following commands. So a few men have their will played out by thousands who covet their power and position. Every nation from Persia to Ceylon to the barbarians from the East of Gaul, has the same tale to tell. Countless mothers cry streams of silent tears as they mourn their sons. They do not wail however great their sorrow, for they are expected to honor the memories of their brave lads who should have been playing in open fields instead of painting them with blood.

This battle which we have come from, you may see victory and spoils as the result but I see only casualty. For every time I am brought to this senate to answer the call of my state, I am afraid. Afraid that you will ask me to defend our borders when you mean to expand them. When you ask me to fight injustice when the intent is to inflect it. There may be no greater shame than that these acts of War are decreed by men who have never picked a sword in their time on Earth.
[tone strengthens]
You members of the Senate! Have for too long driven a country of peaceful people to fight wars which no one wants to fight. To what end? To fill your coffers? To get you more slave girls to find your manhood under those ageing bellies? Or to get you young men from distant lands to fulfill those needs which shall make your wives wither in shame? Rome has had enough! Its children have had enough of your war mongering.

I hold all of you for charges of plotting against the interest of the state and hand you over to the military tribunal which you had set up, to deliver to you justice and hope fully the death which you have so freely handed out.”
[ cue soldiers ]

C : ” So what do you think of it?”
M : ” Great, it is great”
C : ” Is it statesmen like? Will it be remembered?”
M : ” Who by ? Those orgy lulled bastards shall have their gizzards adorning the walls of execution platforms, why care what they will think. A simple, ‘I am taking over’ should suffice.”
C : “No you fool! It is for the tales that I wrote this speech; that is why history will never remember you.”


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