A blocked Writer

Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all
-Charles Bukowski

For nearly a week now whenever I try to pen down ( or in this case type) any of my thoughts to form the usual collection of ramblings I find myself thoroughly confused. If I manage to get a single sentence started in the span in which a reasonable man may be able to skin a cat, I find myself rendered unable to bring the collection of words to a closure. It seems so extraordinary that an activity which I have indulged in for so many years seems so difficult, suddenly. Probably it is a lack of inspiration? Nothing to drive the mind to an extent where the transformation of thoughts into writing becomes supremely imperative. Yes that does seem likely, for in the life that I lead although by a practice of indulgence in visual and on line media there is exposure to content generally classified as interesting, the inherent nature is anything but. A matter of perspective no doubt, but the chances of cognitive ignition through daily conversations and sustenance of the flame of curiosity are rather slim.

The most obvious answer to this problem of verbal paralysis would then seem the further delving into matters intriguing and intellectual. Pulling up tomes on Quantum Physics and Hellenic Metaphysics and letting my brain make a pig out of itself. Such remains the desire and yet it is overruled by the need to procure immediate entertainment. The problem of non fiction and generally stimulating content is that it provides a high degree of satisfaction but after a considerable period of attention. While the average You Tube video, TV series and movie offers a reduced dose of mental activity in a much shorter span. That is where the wagon heading towards the town of thought provoking content finds itself heading towards the realm of mild amusement. It is at moments such as these that you find yourself making pledges and resolutions to make a mental diet with a check on binge watching and refraining from things on the telly. While the intent of this exercise is as noble as perhaps its nutritional counterpart, the pitfalls also are similar.
So what do you do when the ink in your pen will not flow as freely as the thoughts that invade your already fatigued mind as you sit yourself on a commode? Promising yourself to write down that very interesting idea you just had as your hands wildly seek the flush and then you find that even your thoughts seem to have disappeared down some odd sink hole as you leave the domain of physical relief. If you look at any philosopher of renown, especially those before the era of the computer and heightened mass communication, you shall find that their methods were not very extra ordinary. Reasonably simple if highly educated men, sitting in the confines of their natural environments and time frames. Their thoughts coming more as declarations rather than theories and being very discrete in nature. The idea of course is to extend or disprove a proposition by a former thinker. Yes some of them did research into human behavior with experiments and long running studies. But a lot of philosophical study is actually acute observation and speculation by some very articulate individuals. So it doesn’t seem inordinate to presume that my thoughts which come to me at the time of menial tasks like bowel movement, drinking tea or walking along a busy road, are inferior in quality and intent to those of the more recognized minds in human civilization. True there must be a difference precipitated by a gap in life experience and general scholarship but the idea of a regular life producing irregular thoughts and ideas which at a later date may seem palatable to society as a whole, is not absurd.

The problem then of this blockage in verbal discourse that I face today is surely due to the illusion of confusion that my brain is creating to please the half or more of it, that drives the concept of laziness. Surely these lethargy inducing zones are immensely more powerful than anything in the body that produces a desire to defy inertia, of more forms than one, and do something. The mind thus probably can be tricked, with some coercion, into the production of content however mediocre even in times when it is rebellious. The concept of the “Writer’s Block“, perhaps is nothing but a universal recognition of each other’s laziness by authors of diminished activity levels.



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