Sketch to Story

Some days waiting for inspiration to strike is like standing next to the Eiffel Tower, on a sunny day and hoping that lightening will hit you.

Things to create stories about are not hard to come by, but those that promis prolonged captivity of the writer’s mind, they are rare. If thou have read my post on Writer’s Block, you shall know that inspiration is not exactly hurling itself at me. The blogasms I generally get from typing my thoughts onto this very electronic medium, have reduced in frequency and their explosiveness. Still ever hopeful of a literary boner, I carry on. In this process of ‘carrying on’  I wondered if the use of a mental Viagra shall be prudent. Perhaps yes.

Comic books have been a medium of great creativity, especially in the last century. While the task of scripting boxes full of text and toons which culminate into an occasional smirk appears a tedious one, I can see what drives cartoonists. You can let the story shape the character or the sketch shape the story. I have been doodling since before I could write, not an unusual characteristic in human children, but I have maintained this love of the occasional scribble on a used envelope, even today. The average life doesn’t offer as many opportunities of taking pen to paper as it did earlier. We have moved on to more diligent and robust systems like word processors and software ( we did this 20 years prior to my birth but now the shift seems absolute). Thus I am deprived of the opportunity of drawing warring vikings at the end of my notebooks. If I am to limit myself to the digital medium, I gathered why not start doodling on it?

My very first attempt was on an old windows phone with a stylus about 6 years ago. Those were the days of resistive touch phones and the results were usually not that satisfactory. Now you can do wonders even with a finger. As long as I am churning out frustration and boredom in the form of these rapidly sketched avatars, how about giving voice to them? Consider this post the first in a series of short stories, essays and write ups centered around digital sketches. I am using AutoDesk’s SketchBookX app to do my drawings. Here is the 1st of the lot, haven’t really got much to say about it. Its just ornamental.  So hope you enjoy these pieces of art drawn on a mobile, with usually one finger, served with a side order of words.

Symmetrically Ornamental
Symmetrically Ornamental

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