Sketch to Story #5 : The Inanimate Animator

MONDAY 24th July 14, Tokyo : Today in an immeasurable blow to the Japanese animation Industry and the art world in general, John Kent or Yuudai Hajimoto as was his pen name, passed away in the early hours of morning. John, 35, is survived by 3 cats and 2 parents. His body was found by a massage therapist who was employed by the deceased to wake him every Friday. The police have hinted that it is most likely a case of suicide. Mr Kent was found with a screw driver inserted in his left temple and his body was discovered in an arm chair in his villa in Yoyogi.

Sketch #5.1 Kent in Happier Days
Sketch #5.1 Kent in Happier Days

John Kent was born in Trenton, New Jersey USA. The son of a bill board painter and pearl pet saleswoman, John spent his childhood as an average American kid till the age of 12, when he discovered anime. Japanese drawn art and the modern medium of story expression captivated this young man’s imagination. He went on to produce reproductions of then popular characters for the delectation of friends and family. He got his break first with a local college newspaper which offered to publish a daily strip. The comic strip called : Ponito was rejected by a majority of readers leading to a depression period for the artist. The strip was based on the adventures of a child and a giant sushi roll as his friend, in the suburbs of Tokyo. The strip was generally regarded as distasteful and immature. The artist then changed the character to Kopichan, an American boy adopted by a Japanese family and the Sushi roll with a Chicago Hot dog. The story caught on and soon sky rocketed to fame. It was soon made into the TV series “Kopichan!” which would become the legacy of John’s life.

Kopichan out performed other truly Japanese Anime in the kids category for the better half of the last decade. Its artist’s and creator’s reputation and wealth grew in proportion which he put to display with the most ostentatious life style ever recorded for the creator of a children’s program. In royalties, branded merchandise, toys, amusement parks, mascot and brand ambassador deals for the character, Kent is believed to have scooped up 2 Billion dollars. His popularity did not come without resentment by some. The local Manga movement in Tokyo was vehemently opposed to the caricaturization of what has been called the serious world of cartooning. There also remains a large international body of troubled parents, neighbors and school teachers who have described the Tv show as the greatest threat perpetrated on peace and understanding since White people discovered Rap Music. Letters of threats, complaints were regularly delivered by the truckload to the artist’s residence. The artist had responded to this criticism by saying : “I may have a few loose screws, but there are enough of people like me to appreciate my work.”

This reference coupled with the fact that the artist was right handed had led to the police marking this death as suspicious. That was until a suicide tweet was found sent from the artist’s IPhone.

#MassageTime 😛 Going to screw myself to #death LOL

The investigating officer marked this statement as conclusive evidence of suicide and shall be making a final statement at the end of the day. The reason for the artist offing himself is being stated as terminal stupidity.

Sketch #5.2 Kopichan
Sketch #5.2 Kopichan
This story is part of a series, introduced here.

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