Animal Farce

He looked at the ground,
he looked around.
He looked at the sky,
he looked low & high.

He looked in the cave hanging upside down,
he looked, turning a smile into a frown.

He looked with the Bat
and he looked with the Rat,
in tunnels and holes,
with Hedgehogs and Moles.

He mucked with the Pig
and with the Dog did dig,
He flew with the Bird
and grazed with the Herd.

He ran with the Horse
and stood with the Ass,
He woke with the Fowl
and stayed up with the Owl.

He swung with the Monkeys
and hung with the Donkeys,
he raced with the Tortoise
and swam with the Porpoise.

With the Zebras he blended,
with the Badgers dams mended,
with the Cows he mooed
and with the Pigeons he pooed.

He laughed with the Hyena
and sang with the Myna.

He roared with the Lion
and soared with the Falcon,
he spotted with the Leopard
and with the Sheep followed the shepherd.

With the Rhino he charged,
with the Penguin he chilled,
the Octopus he arm wrestled
and the Pelican he filled.

He met the light with the Moth
and lazed with the Sloth,
with the Snake he slithered
and clung on with the Lizard.

All this he did in the quest for purpose,
for finding meaning in a life of surplus.
These creatures and beasts had problems so plain,
confined to death, hunger, sex and pain.

He too could have been an animal
and kept things primeval,
these meta physical problems were never in the plan,
when he began to evolve into now what we call man.


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