Interstellar (2014)

So the other day I was reading about temporal contiguity and its effect on the effectiveness of product reviews. The concept of course is ironical in  the context of this movie and almost humorously so but still the negative relation between latency of reviewing (after watching a movie) and the reception of said review, prompts me to talk about this Nolan creation: a mere 8 hours after its consumption.

The inherent nerdiness and the self presumed scientific know how of your average Asian knowledge worker generally predisposes him or her to works of science fiction. Chief among the adulatory waves flung at the content generated by the west from the dregs of popular science is the one in which swims Christopher Nolan. Similar tides are surfed by James Cameron, G.R.R Martin and perhaps Dan Brown in the recent past. Nolan of course has the advantage of having harnessed super hero power and inexplicable movie scenes. The anticipation thus generated by his works is not dissimilar to that portrayed by the little boy who wore out his pockets in admiration of Malena.

At nearly 3 hours, Interstellar is a sort of not so humble statement : “I make my movies long! I can because I am so popular.” But the good part is that despite being sleep deprived, on a very comfortable barcalounger and watching this after midnight, I didn’t drop off or feel bored. The entire story is gripping and keeps you interested. As is probably clear from the trailer, Earth has given us all it can and an ex-space pilot turned corn farmer must lead a group of astronuts to a quest of finding a new place to live. There is Albert (Caine) who doles out science instead of mid-superlife crises advice. There is Anne Hathaway who to me seems on the brink of a song all the time, I blame you Les Miserables. There are other few surprise appearances too. The usual cocktail of space travel, humanity’s last hope etc is mixed with a dash of space time continuum and the theory of relativity. There is psychology and philosophy coupled in with good old American cowboy moments.

Visually this is one of the most stunning movies I have seen, this in part is of course due to the vast unknown which this portrays. But this definitely has the aura which Gravity, Moon and 2001: Space Odyssey had. A grandeur accentuated by the heavy organ centric orchestra by Hans Zimmer. The scenes are thrilling and there is nail biting involved. McConaughey can’t be called versatile for his role but this is definitely one of his best works. To some the science has been rather heavy and the plot gets cloudy but a few basic assumptions about the passage of time being relative and time as a dimension without really going into the how and why, shall see you through.

Overall the plot is decent but to me not very satisfactory. The story isn’t as predictable as many but if you look at Nolan’s prior work then the ending isn’t exactly a surprise. There was one emotion which was the strongest as I watched the space which the movie draws, this was the kind of stuff the medium of Cinema was made for. Awe, grandeur and all with very few man made structures. This is a definite watch for those who enjoy epics, for they must posses enough nerdiness to enjoy everything else in this movie.


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