A Year Anew

Some centuries ago someone figured out that the Earth makes one rotation around its paternal(used in a life giving sense rather than a scientifically accurate one) star in a given period of time. What was meant by the passing time was of course the perception of the growth of living things and the re-occurrence of seasons. It was this revelation, the need to be measure the difference between the present, the past and the future that led to the years. The change in them, celebration.

If our lives were naturally endless as those of Tolkien’s pointy eared creations would this passage of an insignificant period be noticed? Is it not our morality that makes a December 31st eve a moment of celebrations or is it pubs, nightclubs and restaurants which aren’t otherwise that popular? One can argue that any festive occasion is a well designed economic practice which encourages the circulation of wealth in an otherwise conservative population. In a society like ours such a phenomenon is easily observed as the import of New Year’s has increased with time. Resolutions have been reduced to little but conversation pieces and year end lists and highlights are the most noticeable of activities this time. As a year change has social, political and economical impact it’s important. You actually have new opportunities refreshed and the promise of premeditated change like an election or pay hike. How do you make most of these?

2015 is going to be an iconic year. Who? For what? Why? These are missing from that sentence, but these variables can be up to you. Think of the life till now, 2015-N where N be the year of your birth. Think of what you have been up to, chances are that the sum of your existence can be easily topped off in one year, it can be surpassed and outdone. Of course to indulge in such an ambitious venture you must have purpose. There is no lack of work that needs doing in the world whatever your skill set.

The economy is never satisfactory, world hunger and poverty are always appalling, religious fundamentalism is never too insignificant to sideline, there are some oppressed minorities somewhere, the IT industry has lost its charm, companies are making do with lesser quality of their products, we are making do with a lesser quality of life style. The food in office is bad, the abdominal area has burgeoned beyond its FSI and Tv shows pedal bad taste with the virality of Ebola. Winter this year is bad, the weather’s clearly changing and not very predictably, flight control systems could do with more R&D, corruption in the state is beyond shameful and our elected leaders are the worst possible embodiment of democracy one could imagine. There are those millions of tonnes of food being wasted due to improper storage while 3 meals a day for an unbelievable chunk of the world’s populous remains a dream. Education, health and social welfare schemes are being slashed while military empowerment and national glorification schemes seem to find execution.

There is a lot to be done, to anyone who chooses to make something of whatever time he or she has, there is a lot to do. Take your pick, take anything, a small cause, a non cause, an iota of wrong and choose to right it. Your success is irrelevant, probability demands that if enough of us try to make our own lives slightly better a considerable dent can be made in the current state of the Earth and its inhabitants. Let this be not another year squandered entirely over the mild amusement of oneself behind the blueish glue of a digital device. Let not the enrapturing world of the internet deliver everything but meaning to a perpetually entangled life. This can be the year when people speak up against ignorance, against the gradual acceptance of being entertained over being informed. You may not see the need to change the World let alone the desire to do it yourself, but then consider every instance of disappointment and criticism expressed by your good self over the last year. Every moment that made you cringe. ISIS is not your fault, nor every fundamentalist god man who holds his own devotees hostage. But in your silence, your unexpressed devotion to your convictions, your shame in appearing informed or concerned, you have allowed the breeding of something vile.

The coming year is just a year, you have to make it new. We’ll then think about Happy.


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