My Old Lady (2014)

Sometimes you feel the urge to indulge in a bit of drama, after all for the serious cinema goer that genre is perhaps the one which delivers the most comfort. At least delivering the feeling of having watched something theatrical as opposed to purely entertaining. With such an inclination I took this film.

Kevin Kline plays a washed up American in Paris (nothing cliche about that) who inherits a large apartment from his dead father. Along with it come its inhabitants, Maggie Smith an old English teacher and her middle aged daughter(Kristen Scott Thomas). Here we get schooled in some french real estate law where the crux of the situation is that while the tenant is alive he or she gets paid and the owner can’t sell the property. The rest is rather obvious and hanging on the acting of a stellar cast.

If you scour the internet for the reviews of this play based film you shall find lamentations about excellent actors not being utilized to their full potential. Unfortunately that’s quite true. For all the firepower this movie was packing it delivers very few scenes worthy of remembrance. Maggie Smith is of course her rather very British vintage self and the Kevin Kline one expects to see is lost in a script aiming for a tragic comedy and being only tragic. With a story weaved around parental issues and resulting messed up childhoods with life long psychological impacts, this shall appeal to Freudians more than anything.


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