Mad Max : Fury Road (2015)

I love an epic movie, when with a soaring soundtrack, long aerial shots and that typical but enjoyable dichotomy of good and evil. While dramas and comedies may be able to deliver entertainment, they always pale in comparison to those cinematic wonders where the story seems too grand for any realistic world. Ask the hairs on my neck as they stood to attention at the screening of Mad Max : Fury Road and they will testify, this was indeed an epic.

Set in a post apocalyptic world with little oil and lesser water, human savagery takes center stage. I will not tell you anything at all about the story for this is a movie which you must dive into unprepared. The teaser gives very little away and the story is anyway rather simple to grasp. It is a constant chase movie of mega proportions which doesn’t let you breathe too much. With nearly end to end action there is little dialog and the potential to render a hall full of 500 people speechless for two hours.

While Max is our somber Bane, the highlight for this picture is of course Charlize Theron. An amputated warrior she stands tall with the best of action heroes in Hollywood. Her presence without a hint of vulnerability nor influenced by a need to forcibly portray noticeable signs of femininity. Its a power packed performance which very few actresses could have pulled off  as convincingly as her.

This is the kind of movie for which the medium of cinema was made. It is visually engaging and has each shot prepared with great artistic care. The initial scenes even seem stop motionish and all of them stretch the boundaries of belief without making the movie too niche. As far as performances go the other noteable is that of Nicholas Hult. The scrawnny twenty something reasonably bulks up, shaves his head and blends emotion with blind devotion in an explosive mix.

This movie mixes orchestral scores with metal music and heart thumping percussion beats to compliment the on screen madness. You do not want to leave this to a home viewing experience, this is one of the few films this year that deserves a trip to the theater with the loudest sound system and largest screen. So book your tickets if you have not seen this and do not take your children or those too squeamish.



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