Nobody is on this Wheel

The trouble with writing too often or not writing for too many months at all, is the same: a starting problem. On one hand you have too little to say and on the other too much. As you can imagine, either case poses a formidable problem. For anyone who has vowed to write down whatever he/she can, procrastination is often the best or even only answer to the starting problem. Write about how there is a starting problem and words will flow. They reflect your most current emotion, that of frustration and the rest is easy. The tough and yet as you shall agree, necessary thing is to leave this talk of how to start and move on to the main object of your verbal outpouring.

So you move on, filled with the pride of having written a paragraph and confident that now your lines would be more focused, specific. But you did not resolve the problem of topical selection did you? You just postponed the decision until the next paragraph, the one which you now write. Well the dilemma is not an inconsiderable one. A lot has happened since you last wrote, a lot to write about. Perhaps mentioning this, that a lot has happened and what that lot is a good place to start?

But you have to be careful haven’t you? I mean so many people have already talked about what has happened since you last wrote. Proper, competent, semi decent folks many of whom make their living by telling the World eloquently or coarsely, what has happened. They have done so for the entire period of your blogging absence. So you can hardly expect to come up with something better. At least not informative; opinions on the other hand you can churn out. Prepare your spitfires and shoot holes into everything that has made you wince in the last weeks. Applaud the rare instances of model to modest behavior which social recommendations have brought to the surface of the internet cesspool.

Talking of the Internet, just wait a minute, hold on! Do you really want to throw in more opinions to add to the petabytes of them already amassing to make a black hole? What good shall your name calling and cursing of global, national or local situations do? The feeling afterwards perhaps is appreciable, almost similar to what those hippie looking funny people in the movie The Network, embodied with their : “I’m mad! And I won’t take it anymore.” Perhaps you should do the same, issue a generic outburst into the digital space. A capsule of random disdain for the happenings of today

I’m Mad! And I won’t take it any more!

That’s crap. Of course you will. The incessant assault of vileness onto your life is the very testament to your willingness to take it. To be silent unless in complaint. And this is nothing more, its complaining. A very sad and pathetic type of whining. One which isn’t particularly likely to be read and sees fresh air for one and one reason only: The preservation of your sanity. As if that was something so precious that for it’s survival you endanger it’s illusion.

Altogether, it would perhaps be best if your writing is limited to the crafting of dry sentences the consumption of which is by souls like yourself and others who the World would never dare call normal.


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