How’s it Going?

Questions deep and superficial,
have become a daily ritual.

“How’s life?” They  ask casually,
“Good!” I answer automatically.
With no thought or inhibition,
nor an extended explanation.

“How’s it going”, “How have you been”,
When “Hello” is all they mean.
Harmless overall these queries,
can sometimes rake up miseries.

Unexpressed these must remain,
for long sentences they don’t entertain.
Talk is small and mostly cheap,
no one wishes to hear you weep.

“Life is complicated”,”It’s been trying”,
are just instances of unsolicited crying.
Words for the ears of mothers and wives,
when voiced generally can draw ocular knives.

A “How do you do” will do,
a simple nod will suffice,
when all you want to hear is a “good”, or “nice”.

Ask not of me the state of my living,
if your ears are less than forgiving,
for I shall render a truthful narration,
one which will be more cactus than carnation.


1 thought on “How’s it Going?

  1. Brilliant. Really liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

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