Ours but to reason why

When God first farted,
and the world had started,
life had begun to crop.
Humanity came around,
into societies it bound,
and civilization had just set up shop.

The strong would lead the others,
their less muscular brothers,
into battle and onto hunts.
These leaders were fighters,
and kicker and biters,
and more often than not cunts.

They would repress and dominate,
generate resentment and hate,
among those that did follow.
Often others would rise,
and to summarise,
eat out of their skulls hollow.

This recursion of repression,
started to generate tension,
and society hungered for something fairer.
They eventually agreed,
that what they did need,
was to agree by consensus on their standard bearer.

Every person would have a say,
on who may not and who may,
lead them and govern by popular vote.
He or she may not be qualified,
or even in  the field of battle tried,
but was agreed upon by anyone of note.

We believed in the power of a majority,
as long as we were not in the minority,
to discern the necessary qualities,
in those we could follow.
We put our faith in size,
not in the informed or wise,
to ensure that whichever choice did rise,
was easy for all to swallow.

So today while reeling from joy or shock,
fighting the reality that does knock,
it is most important to recall,
that the choice we see is popular.
It is the expressed wish of the majority,
the agreement of views and ideology,
the voiced opinion of the society,
whatever be its tone or pallor.

Everyone has seen the same sights,
the same sound has reached all our ears with equal might,
it is evident that we have examined the same evidence,
but to have processed it so differently,
to have argued on it so vehemently,
to have seen black and white from gray, is no coincidence.

If this event,
makes you lament,
do so but think.
How have we grown so apart,
that where one sees a hero, the other a tart,
where one hears cacophony, others find Mozart?


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