About! What’s it all about? It is about creation,  about writing, filling posts with fiction or non fiction. About music, art, photos, culture and anything which flirts with the soul.

Humans have created so much in this world, there is so much to observe, appreciate and reflect upon. The interests in visual and audio arts might not find appreciation by those in your immediate proximity so what do you do ? You find friends in unlikely places, in clubs and pubs. Now you go to the online alternative, blog about it, the things you like and the things you don’t. An attempt at literature or reviewing a movie or appreciating an album, the people you live with might not appreciate it but the world’s huge enough to have some like minded people.

So its not about expressing oneself and hoping that what you have to say is as enjoyable to someone as listening to them is to you.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Shivani Bhasin May 22, 2014 — 4:36 pm

    I don’t know who you are exactly but I just stumbled upon this blog via a facebook share and I feel like it’s my duty to appreciate you and tell you what an amazing insight you are gifted with. Your writings are beautiful, it is in itself a complete experience to scroll through your opinions and your sarcastic & satirical takes on the ever so common issues. I myself am an aspiring writer who has a hefty appetite for such columns. I am greatly and truly inspired. Great work. Really. All the best.
    Also you just got yourself a new fan.


    1. Shivani,

      Thanks a Ton! While the appreciation of literary pursuits is not uncommon, the love of cynical and tastefully sardonic authorship does not often meet with such eloquent approval. I am honored that you liked my ramblings, I look forward to reading your writings. Drop me a line to your blog or a link where I can find what you write.

      The very best to you too.


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