Happy Dussera


In search of Igor

The room is poorly lit, perhaps for the best for its contents are the systematic embodiment of chaos. Much of the furniture and decor hints at the last interior job having being done a few centuries ago. The walls are stone, tapestry hanging on them while adding a mothy odor to the place. The ceiling… Continue reading In search of Igor

Friday!!! Come to my Arms.

The glimmer of light at the end of the weekly tunnel.

आज कुछ सरकारी करते हैं

बैंठे हैं यहाँ सोचते हुए, नाक को हलके से खरोचते हुए, अरमानो को दातों में दबोचते हुए, और कल को आज से पोछते हुए | कुछ करने की चाह नहीं, चलने को दिखती राह नहीं, पता नहीं क्या गलत क्या सही, ऐसे भी बीते कभी माह नहीं | मेज़ पर रख कर पैरों को, गालियाँ… Continue reading आज कुछ सरकारी करते हैं

Sketch to Story #6 : Random

Is there anything random? Or are seemingly random things a product of predictable patterns. Patterns which we might not understand today? I know the statement above reeks with a degree of ambiguity which even I am not comfortable with. Surely the selection of a single number from a lottery bowl is random. There is no… Continue reading Sketch to Story #6 : Random