It’s too Meta

WordPress changed its editor! Its pretty, effective? That I should find out by the end of this post. Anywho, getting back to what this is about. Well look at the title. The first time someone said to me : It's too meta... was rather recently. It was one of my professors addressing the awkward silence… Continue reading It’s too Meta


Least important meal of the Week

Said he, said he with repeated snuffs Can you pass me the sugar puffs? Fetching fetching, looking so fetching, she fetched the cereal with an arm outstretching. Cold and white, sat the milk tight. Deadly, lethargic calm surrounded, the small table, square not rounded. He swiped and she swiped neither of them piped. No paper… Continue reading Least important meal of the Week

Nobody is on this Wheel

The trouble with writing too often or not writing for too many months at all, is the same: a starting problem. On one hand you have too little to say and on the other too much. As you can imagine, either case poses a formidable problem. For anyone who has vowed to write down whatever… Continue reading Nobody is on this Wheel

An act of unconditional Writing

I have been writing quite a lot recently. Although what I produce doesn't get an audience anymore, it has become a more regular process. Hence the omnipresent need to blog has been fleeting of late. Life has never been more active or worthy of reporting than it is now. But time and inclination have been… Continue reading An act of unconditional Writing

Jurassic World (2015)

Twenty years ago, when I was just a toddler in the small town of Indore there came a very strange and then terrifying movie. We still don't regularly get all Hollywood hits here in the heart of the state of Madhya Pradesh so when¬†Jurassic Park¬†was being screened one month after its release, it was a… Continue reading Jurassic World (2015)

The roadblock to sustainable learning

A very insignificant fraction of the time for which the planet has existed have humans or even living organism been around. The time it has taken for molten lava to set and form the highs and lows of Earth's topography alone is enough to contain multiple bouts of evolution. If one is to still look… Continue reading The roadblock to sustainable learning

The Voice of God

He spoke not with the voice with which he was born. That was too weak, too feeble for such tasks and had no place in this environment. This was the voice he had cultivated and honed. The voice that silenced a room with the same ease as would death. He had never sought respect, what… Continue reading The Voice of God